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Trim2 e Sant'Anna


CrossThink-LAB born in 2016 from the collaboration between the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics, Development) of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies-Pisa and the advisory firm Trim2 (Convenzione SSSUP-Trim2). CrossThink-LAB has been thought as an “open space”, a think tank where to discuss issues related to economy and society in the broadest sense, within a debate among perspectives and ideas that are complementary and cross the academic, business and financial worlds.

The laboratory, characterized by a non-political, non profit and without geographic boundaries stance vis à vis its scientific interests, poses at the very core of research issues that pertain to our everyday life and which require an urgent, deep, shared and interdisciplinary reflection.

At the centre of CrossThink-LAB we find themes related to diversity, intended as the recognition and valorization of diversities, to gender studies, to public Ethics, to political theory. Specific interest is devolved to the relationship between migrations, work, citizenship, models of welfare, sustainable development, innovative businesses models, “smart cities”, and to the role and impact of new technologies.

People and their ideas constitute our strenght: the consolidated experience and the excellence maturated by Trim2 and Sant’Anna School, guarantee an international network with cross competences and the collaboration with national and international institutions, both private and public.