"CrossThink-LAB series"

Contemporary society, increasingly complex in its global and plural dimension, needs a profound reflection on urgent and current issues, which develops through an interdisciplinary approach and therefore adequate to ask questions and formulate possible answers. CrossThinK-LAB set just this goal: to deepen issues related to the economy and society as a whole, opening up to a debate between perspectives and complementary ideas that cross the academic, business and finance worlds with the aim of generating a fruitful interaction between different realities.

There are many topics to the attention of the think tank, meant as a wide-ranging project. The areas of work go from Diversity, understood as the recognition and the appreciation of differences, to the relationship between migration, work and citizenship, to welfare models, sustainable development, innovative business, smart cities, as well as the role and impact of new technologies.

It is on these fronts that CrossThink-LAB is committed through numerous projects, including working papers, which aim to develop current research profiles and above all to promote the circulation of results in order to stimulate high level discussions and suggestions. Therefore, many topics will be treated and proposed by the authors, intended as the only responsible for the opinions and conclusions expressed in their respective works.

January 2018 

Empowering diversity:

"A dialogue between political theory and business management"

May 2018 

Modelli di responsabilità,

Responsabilità sociale d'impresa e centralità della persona

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