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Eccellenze italiane nella tecnologia


The idea behind the seminar is to explore a territory that has not yet been fully explored, namely the relationship between gender and technology. Within it, in fact, women have only recently become protagonists but with a presence that is still very small compared to the male one. We will analyse, through Italian stories that have made a breakthrough in the national and international scene, the major challenges but also the values, strategies and potentials inscribed in these experiences of excellence and innovation. Bringing this patrimony to surface has a fundamental value in terms of role models and the contamination and enrichment of models and environments that are traditionally still not very frindly for women. The second part of the workshop will aim at identifying the existing policies and the actual tools that can stimulate female protagonism in this sector, through the participation of decision makers and investors at national and international level. In this sense, the seminar does not want only to describe the positive and virtuous aspects of the initiatives introduced and carried out by the ‘women in Tech’, but intends to provide concrete guidance tools capable of having a profound transformative impact on the existing reality.

Women in Tech

Eccellenze italiane nella tecnologia

Il sole 24 ore

06 March, 2018

Si fa presto a parlare di parità di genere. Spesso anche con espressioni altisonanti e proclama solenni talvolta tradotti in un nulla di fatto. In effetti, la strada da percorrere è ancora lunga, sia in Italia che nel resto del mondo...

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