Starting from the premise that human beings are the center of the enterprise, also intended as a fundamental place of realization and expression of their identity: this project intends to contribute to a vision of the person, his/her rights and dignity, as the starting point and fulcrum of every discourse that wants to face the complex issue of labour vis à vis contemporary global challenges. Gathering the voices of those entrepreneurs who have made this assumption the focal point and the indispensable condition of the logic and culture of their business, becomes an important gesture of emergence and setting up of positive, innovative and sustainable models. Being able to go beyond the rhetoric of the centrality of human resources to translate principles and values into daily choices and practices that counteract the phenomena of de-humanization, discrimination and exploitation unfortunately widespread in our societies, is the real challenge that the voices interviewed decided to tackle, thus contributing to the creation of a courageous and dense counter-narrative with a great potential both at the economic and the social level. We will travel through experiences, sensitivities and approaches that are different but united in believing that the person with his/her needs, aspirations and ideas represents the cardinal value of every enterprise.

The path takes advantage of two partnerships of great value, which guarantee and support ethics and innovation: the Foundation Finanza Etica and the Association Rondine Cittadella della Pace.

Alessia Belli 

Una mattina in Mondora

Alessia Belli 

Nicola Mele, un imprenditore dinontorganico

Alessia Belli

L’eticità come pratica ‘normale’ in un’impresa speciale Intervista a Marco Bartoletti,
BB Holding 

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